Brothers in blue

A Men's Prison Ministry which provides inmates with a 3 day inside of prison retreat focused on God's Grace, Studying God's Word, and the Changes we see God accomplishing in our lives.

The Brothers in Blue ministry started in the 1980’s in Mt. Pleasant, IA and has expanded to 6 prisons in the state of Iowa and 1 in Nebraska and 3 in South Dakota. Brothers in Blue is the largest inside of prison Christian retreat organization in the tri-state area.

The presentations and prayer the team members brought to the prison for each retreat intend to provide a short course in Christian living. The program includes 15 different presentations or talks. Topics include God’s grace, forgiveness, studying God’s word, and talking about the changes we’ve seen God accomplish in our lives. During that time they emphasize that God calls each of us to action and how we respond to that call. The inmates are actively involved in the retreat throughout the three and a half days. The team does’t promote any particular denomination. The team members represent a variety of churches. The purose of the retreat is primarily to help inmates become aware of their own spiritual opportunities. A group of team members and inmates spend time in prayer during the entire retreat.

Brothers in Blue welcomes new participants. Please contact Tom Schemper or the church office if you have questions or would like to participate in Brothers in Blue.